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Welcome to  DAV OMC Public school, Jilling, Keonjhar, Odisha. Based on lofty thoughts of Swami Dayananda Saraswati the school aims at quality education par excellence, explores the best that is latent in students and  encourages the pupils to revel the joy of learning. Our endeavour is to provide value based education, make the students recognise and realise their dreams and make them able to ignite the passion to excel.
“Education is not the filling of pail but the lighting of fire”.
Our institution believes in relentless quest to impart holistic education to stimulate scientific temper, to instil in students innovations and to sensitize children towards welfare. Life is  a gift and it should be properly utilised. It is important to be careful of oneself and also to help others offer this loving gift to humanity with all its magnanimity and magnificence. As education is the manifestation of perfection, our main objective is to imbibe a sense of deep patriotism, to instil a discipline outlook deeply dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, to transform the lives of our tiny tots through love, peace, harmony and inner as well as outer growth.Our children are our dream, our hope and our future. They grow pursuing their dreams, the dream that is in my mind will manifest reality in the form of an ideal institution that will guide the nation to the zenith. Let there be more love and understanding in them to make better promising youths full of values and patriotism. Let the creativity of the children show the sweetness of their loving smiles, the tremendous power of their pure minds.

At last before to punctuate, I would like to pen the tranquil emotions:
The smallest effort is not lost
 Each wavelet on the ocean tossed
 Adds in the ebb tide or the flow
 Each raindrop makes some floweret glow
Each struggle lessens human woe.”

 Soumendra Nayak

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